Frankly, I’m concerned less about how the expanded list of blocked tags on iOS is going to impact fandom content and more concerned about how blatant Apple is getting with their horseshit. Like, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that the actual aim of banning the word “antisemitism” is to prevent discussion of antisemitism, not to prevent antisemitic content itself, and they’re not even bothering to pretend it’s not. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, the people behind these policies aren’t stupid; Apple knows they’re creating a walled garden where posting hateful content on social media is more acceptable than pointing out that such content is hateful, and it’s difficult to imagine they’re unaware of exactly who that walled garden is going to end up being most welcoming to.

This does not feel like a good faith argument since it’s, once again, tumblr staff casting an all too wide net in response to apple’s capricious app store rules.

It’s pretty well know that Apple gives insufficient and opaque feedback with respect to App Store rejections so its pretty weird to make the argument “Apple is banning the word “antisemitism” is to prevent discussion of antisemitism.“