It’s come to my attention that a good portion of the younger generation has not been made aware of one of the greatest and most hated PILLARS of millennial society.

So I apologize, but I must take on this task. A new hand must touch the beacon. The knowledge must be passed on. The chain can not be broken.


The Game.

The following are the rules of The Game:

  1. there is no winning The Game
  2. once you know of The Game, you are always playing the game
  3. the point of The Game is to not think about The Game
  4. if you think about The Game, you have lost The Game, and must announce this to those around you – causing them to also lose The Game

A “reset period” of roughly an hour or two before loss announcements is common in colloquial rules to allow yourself and those around you to properly temporarily “forget” about The Game, however that is not an official rule.

Go forth, you next generation, and I am sorry.

What have you done

Oh that’s right, I cheated and won this.

The rules don’t say you can’t cheat.

Have fun everyone 🙂