“Bees in the washing machine” sounds like a horror scene waiting to happen.

what a wonderful video with someone who really cares about bees.

Just before I start I just wanted to let y’all know that this information is the latest I have if anything new has happed in the last month or two I don’t know about it. If this is the case please add on to this post.

For anyone who don’t know this is why people don’t like this girl. While she does promote “saving the bees” which is great she’s not an actual be removal specialist she’s just bee keeper. She also promoting the idea to her followers that bees will never hurt you and that they are completely harmless. Which is obviously not true. She works in Texas and the type of bees she is working with are africanized bees (killer bees) which are some on the most dangerous bees out there. She doesn’t wear any sort of protection and most of her videos are staged. She’ll get her husband to do most of the actual removal work and the only thing she does do is what you see in the videos.

Many bee removal specialist have called her out on her unsafe techniques like not wearing a suit to properly protect herself. She only recently started to show herself smoking the bees before she mess with them. When the specialist did call her out other people on the app attack the specialist and said thing like “you only hate her cause she’s pretty” and “she’s making people feel safe around bees and you’re just making them afraid of them”.

With that with all her talk about saving the bees she doesn’t actually do anything to do that. Honey bees are actually an invasive species in America that often kill native bees that are necessary to our ecosystem. She doesn’t give any information about other types of bees or about how she helps them. I don’t think she’s even mentioned that the honeybees she’s saving are a big part of the declining bee population problem. So the “another day of saving the bees” line is really just for the good look.

Personally I couldn’t care less about wether or not her videos are staged but she is unconsciously promoting a level of carelessness around bees. People need to be cautious around bees because even if your not allergic to them if enough of them sting you you can get sick. 

Well damn. That’s disappointing. I knew some people were spooked about her not wearing protective gear, but I figured she was a pro and would know when protective was required or not. For anyone who wants to read more on this situation, here you go.

As a former beekeeper and as an enthusiast of native bees, I cringe every time I see one of this girl’s videos.

you people do realize that unprotected bee moving is like. an actual cultivated skillset thats been around for centuries right. records dating back to the middle fucking ages talk about people whos entire job is ‘knows how to pick up swarms without getting hurt and puts them in the bee bucket’

like just bc yall dont know how to fucking do nor want to know it doesnt mean its some sort of ‘promoting of carelessness’ like girl what. what on earth are yall on. are we really going back to the ‘well what if some dumbass copies you jumping off a building, professional pakourist!! then what!!!!’ type mindset. yall are ADULTS not children.

“ She doesn’t give any information about other types of bees or about how she helps them.”

she literally promotes native bee protections?? shes talked about this. at length. shes also had to deal with mf calling her a trump supporter with no evidence in spite of the fact shes said multiple times she hates the bastard. if yall arent going to to the barest bones of research shut the fuck up??? its EVEN IN THE ARTICLE ONE OF YALL FUCKING LINKED??? 

“I don’t think she’s even mentioned that the honeybees she’s saving are a big part of the declining bee population problem.”

this just in!!  moving pest bees to more productive areas, like the people who got the bees from my mothers yard due to her allergy, are Bad Actually, because they’re not just straight up killing them and dumping 30 pounds of native bees there instead!! i am very intelligent!

@bearly-qualified you’re a beekeeper right do you have a take on this ?

If you’re good at working with bees, comfortable and confident doing it without protection, and understand that there is a risk of being stung, you can go out with as little protection as you like. Honeybees are extremely docile and aren’t going to sting a non-allergic person enough to make them ill unless you majorly fuck up. Honeybee body language is like ridiculously easy to read, and the things that provoke them are pretty easy to avoid. Basically, unless a colony is particularly aggressive, a honeybee won’t sting you unless you give them a reason to. Literally every time I’ve been stung, it was my own fault. You can tell that they’re provoked because they’ll hold their abdomen in the air to show off their stinger, and I didn’t see a single one do that in this video, so she knows what she’s doing. Lastly, while she is in an area with Africanized bees, these are not killer bees lmfao. They’re so aggressive that she probably couldn’t get within 5 feet of that washing machine without a full suit and gloves, and she most certainly, wouldn’t be able to scoop them with her bare hands. And none of this is like, exclusive secret beekeeper knowledge, this is pretty much Honeybees 101 and you could find all of it in less than 5 minutes on Google so I’m not sure where these people got this info from.

ALSO: "She’s not an actual bee removal specialist she’s just a beekeeper” man idk where you’re from but in America, the “bee removal specialists” are just beekeepers. You call a beekeeper and they remove the bees and usually add them to their own apiary. Some of them will even do it for free because they enjoy helping people and they get to keep the colony. I don’t understand why someone would remove the bees and… Not keep them? As I assume this “bee removal specialist” would just get rid of them I guess? Also if you’re a “bee removal specialist,” whatever that is, you’re going to need the exact same tools, knowledge, and skills as a regular beekeeper, so she’s absolutely qualified to remove them. Unless you’re talking about an exterminator, and if you call an exterminator for honeybees, I hope you get stung in the ass.

I’ve been apprenticed and even my mentor was like “oh yeah we’re just wearing the suits because it makes us less nervous and the bees less nervous as a result because we don’t make a bunch of sudden movements. Really determined bees can probably sting through the suit you’re wearing so don’t assume it’s a forcefield or anything.”

The stingers also get stuck in the suit and can sting you later so it can actually be a hindrance rather than a help to experienced beekeepers