here’s the story. i know expressvpn has been recommended in some 🏴‍☠️ how-to posts but it is not trustworthy. the parent company, kape technologies, not only used to distribute malate but has ties to multiple state surveillance agencies. and be careful where you look for info about good vpns, because kape technologies owns a bunch of “vpn review” sites too

So I used ExpressVPNs “talk to a person” feature to cancel my account and expressed my displeasure that I found out about the buyout from the news and not from Express directly.

After closing the window this is the fine response from the ExpressVPN customer service using their own personal account in an attempt to harass me.

Stay Classy ExpressVPN.

The fuck?

Yeah, I saw this and immediatelynstarted shopping for another VPN. Express had some red flags to having with (as reaffirmed to me by @captcouch) but the acquisition by Kape was the last nail on the coffin. Express used to be one of the most reputable and user friendly VPNs on the market. What a shame.

ExpressVPN should not be trusted. Any property or entity owned by Kape should not be trusted. If you are an ExpressVPN user, please find a different solution as soon as humanly possible. By using Express, your data is subject to being surveilled by one of the most infamous purveyors of malware in IT history and potentially, the Israeli government.

I personally use AirVPN, which, while they are in Italy (a member of 14-Eyes), they are independently-activist owned, and their customer service is excellent in the very few times I have needed them. I’ve subscribed since 2016, and I just re-upped for another year. Using their service may require you to bone up a little on tech (it’s like driving a manual vs an automatic), but their tools are highly configurable to fit your needs.

Better to propose a solution than not, but Air might be a little too complex for the average user, just a fair warning. Whatever you use, please please please do your due diligence to find out who owns the service. Approximately 100 VPN services are owned by a small handful of companies, and that number of companies is dwindling as the years go on.

Stay safe, stay private, avoid Kape as much as you can.