This is real. This is a real thing they put out. It’s not shocking that they feel this way, that much is obvious. It’s shocking that they’re being so honest about it.

Jesus H. Christ.

I’d like to point out:

This isn’t a regular article. It’s an opinion piece.

Also, this isn’t just “critical thinking isn’t helping.” Words have meaning and the other parts of the sentence are important.

To clarify: it’s not critical thinking in general that’s not helping. It is, according to this writer, critical thinking AS WE’RE TAUGHT TO DO IT, and specifically when dealing with misinformation. NOT in general.

And if you would actually read the article, guess what! That’s exactly what it’s about. The author talks about what a specific academic says about how we’re taught to think critically by engaging with information, which is not a good thing to do when dealing with deliberate misinformation. What you should do instead is something called lateral reading, which apparently means “go check other sources to verify the one you’re looking at and learn more about the topic”.

In case anyone is wondering, here’s what the article suggests people do instead:

Now I haven’t fact checked the article itself, because my only point in this reblog is to say, “Hey, OP, you cherry-picked your info and misleading people. Please stop.” But I’m pretty sure I just used at least part of the above process just to debunk the post, so I think it’s probably worth using.

(If you see this reblog, PLEASE REBLOG IT. Make sure people see the post with this information rather than the very misleading original post.)

We’ve been taught is that critical thinking means to read about something and then feel out its vibes for truthiness or some bullshit instead of verifying information as objectively as possible.

Op’s post is an incredible example of this. Op read a single line and ignored most of the context within that line in favor of feeling out the vibes of their own prejudice about the subject at hand. This method of ‘critical thinking’ is extremely popular among lazy leftists and progressives that are actually conservatives in a progressive hat.