Y’ALL! IT’S HAPPENING! Ya girl is approaching the big 10k, so I wanted to do something SPECIAL!

-THREE people will receive a full character sheet!
(This includes a base, an outfit, and 3 expressions!)
-It can be any kind of character (humanoid, fantasy, sci fi, furry, robotic, monstrous, etc.) Nothing hateful or cruel will be accepted.

Likes are awesome, but only Reblogs will be counted. Multiple reblogs will count multiple times! Do NOT spam reblog, however. It is annoying to everyone involved.
-You must be following this blog at the time of winner selection!
-You MUST have asks or messages open so I can alert you if you win!

-No giveaway blogs! I will be checking!
РThree winners will be selected via Random.Org on Sunday, August 15th, 2021 at 6pm EST!

Thank you all SO so much for making this happen!

Obviously, the number itself isn’t THAT important, but I have met so many awesome people through this hellsite and you all have helped me be able to leave an awful job so that I could do commission work full time. I’m so so grateful to all of your support!