Primary problem isn’t not enough, it’s never enough in the right places and the right amounts and it costs money, time, and resources to coordinate the logistics of it.

We can power the world with acres of solar panels in the Sahara but we can’t get the electricity to you in Boston because there’s no reasonable way to get it there.

We can feed the world but we have to get it from where it’s grown to where it’s processed to where it’s stored to where it’s distributed to where it’s consumed… and that costs a fuckton of money, time, and resources that isn’t going to happen for free.

We can house the homeless but the homes are located in the middle of outer suburbs, owned by people who are using them as investments and will only sell them if they need the money… and then there’s the cost to the new owners to fix up what the seller never knew was broken. Or they’re high-rise apartments owned by foreign investors as residences to live in while they’re there on business.

Find a way to get water, power, and products from where it’s produced to where it’s processed to where it’s distributed in a supremely efficient and cheap manner THAT CANNOT BE PRIVATIZED OR MONETIZED and you’ll do more to end need than any civilization has to that moment.