Y’know I never even questioned how Darion can make shadowmourne. All the other legendary items are made by like dragons and shit. Darion’s literally just a teenager running on necromancy and spite.

archmage khadgar, the most powerful mortal mage alive right now in lore, during his ring quest: okay this is very experimental and powerful magic, you might die, but you also might get the most banger ring ever.

wrathion, an experimented dragon whelp with considerable power, during all his stupid legendary quests: let me imbue my power as the last of the black dragonflight into these daggers/this cloak as you go and fetch me very dangerous materials you probably wouldn’t want anywhere near your person in all reality to enhance this item

kalecgos, the blue aspect, during his legendary staff quest: take this staff imbued with the spirit of a powerful blue dragon as a thank you from my flight in all you’ve done to restore peace

darion, literally just the dead human son of a highlord, kicking in the door during wrath: hey fucker want to see me turn a hammer into an axe with thousands of souls in it