I been having way too much fun with one of the Rider-Culture’s many non-war-games, goat-pulling! Inspired by the game of the same name played by many cultures of central Asia throughout history and still popular today! Though because the ‘horses’ in this case have a little more opinion and propensity for wrasslin’ it’s more like football than the real world counterpart. It’s a very popular game with the Rider centaurs as it combines their two other favorite pasttimes- racing and wrestling, depending on who has the goat!

In more organized games the goal is to take control of a stuffed goat/sheep-skin and keep control long enough to get it into the possession of a family/herd mate that’s on the sidelines watching (or doing something else when they get pelted by a goat-pillow) though most casual games wind up just being basically keep-away until everyone’s wore out.
There’s two ways it usually winds up going, giant wrestling pile free-for-alls like shown above or all out races after whoever has the goat at the moment, depending on how good the grip the Riders have. While wrestling is usually what it comes down too, a frequent winning strategy is just waiting for your opportunity, having your Rider cling on like a koala and running like hell. Using one of your littlest rider cousins is recommended for their light weight and killer grips, much to the auntie’s dismay.