if you want to revitalize your relationship with tumblr just abandon it and go be exclusively on twitter for a year and that year is 2020. like choosing to shut yourself in a dark box scrambling your own brain with a cobbler’s awl for 18 hours a day. nightmare slide projector of apocalyptic “news” flickering unstoppably past your eyeballs until your blood is so thick with stress hormones that you’re essentially circulating pure meth, and the resulting derangement makes you think it is your Responsibility To Post because of Awareness. not here, baby! i love to scroll for an hour and see nothing but gifs from obscure early-‘00s luca marinelli movies. oh, sure, you apparently can’t put the word “butt” in the tags anymore, but that’s barely a blip on the radar of ridiculous social media platform choices. this is the garden of fucking eden to me now