I don’t have much of a filter left, so I apologize. I’ve been letting someone crash on our couch who was expected to help pay for bills and rent, of which he hasn’t for one reason or another. He told me he would be giving me $500 by this Friday, but now he’s gone back on that and lo and behold, that money is needed, badly,  to pay for rent that we’re now very late on. Thus, I am opening up commissions sooner than I would have liked at a reduced rate for fully coloured headshots to be able to keep our apartment.

$35 USD will give you one fully coloured headshot with a simple background. Any race, any class, any game, any series. This is down from $45. I will be offering 20 slots at this discounted rate to be covering the 2 months of rent this dude has thus far skipped out on. Great Holiday gifts, including Halloween portraits. You may order as many as you like, not limited to 1 per person.

If you cannot or do not want one, that’s completely fine! I would appreciate a reblog to spread the word. I’m also accepting tips and donations:

You may reach out to me via Tumblr, Twitter (@NehkuDraws) or Discord (Neku#4025)

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