I really need Democrats and liberals as a whole to understand that screaming at people to vote blue no matter who is perhaps one of the worst political mindsets in modern history. The current blue front runner is a man who supported segregation, a man who sat by as his president and apparent best friend ordered the deaths of thousands of innocents in the name of expanding American influence. He’s a man who not only supported but in fact legislated mass incarceration. He’s a man who countless times has said racist and homophobic statements with no prompting whatsoever.

Joe Biden is a racist, bigoted American nationalist who proudly touts his efforts in writing the preliminary bill that formed the fascistic Patriot Act, and somehow all of you so called progressives have been totally convinced he’s an acceptable choice. You didn’t pick the lesser of two evils. You fucking picked evil. That’s the end point of that argument. You saw what this monster has done throughout his life, and you said you were okay with that because he’s from one political party instead of another.

When millions more innocent people are deported, when thousands more children are separated from their parents and thrown in cells with no care or human decency, when hundreds die every year from the violence of American hegemony, I want you all to know that’s what you support. You all can look at that, you all can see that happen, and instead of fighting it, instead of choosing to act, you can cast a vote for the next imperialist hellbent on murder, and feel satisfied. Good for you.

And yet, still better than trump!