Ah I should probably post this question to not just algorithm-choked Twitter :D;

Artists who do the “form open for a while, choose what I want to draw” method for commissions… how do you go about the guilt (or lack there of) of saying no to people? Even if that no is just not sending an e-mail.

Commissioners, what if the artist just never accepts your comm?

I personally much prefer something juried over first-come-first-served (ie convention table apps), so my reasons for doing small-batch FCFS are entirely selfish… but if commissioners also prefer not having to rush with the chance of not getting in, I may consider switching.

I’m bad at saying no a lot of the time (a thing I’m trying to improve on this year), though I thankfully haven’t yet come across a commission I really don’t want to do! 🙂 But I also don’t want to have a long queue sitting over my head, which feels like option C, a longer-open form.

Anyway pls feel free to chime in with opinions from both sides of the art-buying transaction, I genuinely want to know what people think! I won’t be making any changes quite yet to how I open – the next batch will be done like always.