Hi! I have no idea how to go about this because honestly, I don’t know if I expected this to happen. But hi, I’m Grimm, & my father is essentially trying to run me and my mom into the ground because he just doesn’t care. 

He’s an alcoholic, and despite being clean for a while recently resumed drinking and decided that apparently my mom was cheating on him. While she was on the phone with a coworker/friend, he broke her phone, and proceeded to make the rest of that night (Sunday, 11/10) a horrible hell. We had to have my brother come over, who tried to speak to him and talk him down but once my brother pointed out he was clearly drinking again, he lashed out and called the police, hung up on them, and then tried to leave the house. He broke another glass, police came, but it ended up with my dad simply leaving the house.

We were told he said he wouldn’t come back, but then he did. We agreed to let him in to take his stuff, but … he started destroying things. My mom went to stop him, and they got physical. Called the police again, but he fled the house.

From there, he has since been like watching the house while threateningly texting me. He finally left after a while, and decided to stay at a hotel down the road. He left us alone for the rest of the night, and we have no idea what he was up to. During the night, he tried calling me a bunch, and left voicemails claiming he loved me and oh wasn’t sure he was going to make the night. Today, on Tuesday, my brother took him to the hospital because he was sending the same sort of messages to him. Apparently there had been a half empty bottle of vodka in his room. BUT, now that he’s at the hospital, he’s okay enough to resume taking money from our account (A bill is due, my mom put in 50 for that bill but its gone again), and also is threatening to report my mom’s car as missing as the car is in my dad’s name. My phone is no longer activated, so I can no longer make calls & such until I get a new number. I need to get a job as soon as I can, but in the meantime of that (I am unable to drive currently) I would like to open emergency commissions. 

>>You can view the full information for my commissions here.<<

As of right now I am unsure unfortunately of the turnaround I can have with art pieces, but I am genuinely desperate enough in terms of helping our situation. I don’t know if he is able to stop our internet at all, which may also mark a problem.

Obviously that’s not exactly an encouraging thing, but I’d like to be honest and upfront about the fact I am unsure of how my turnout will be; but do know keeping in contact/updates will always be my priority, especially in this situation.

I have a ko-fi link here for people who are willing to just donate. I also offer essentially pay what you want commissions through my ko-fi if you leave a reference of a character for me to draw.

Thank you ahead of time for taking even a moment to consider this, reblog it, etc.