Let it be known that despite saying like twenty times in the official printed publications of D&D that rules and such are up to interpretation and you can tailor the game, setting, and even rules to your exact specifications……. if anyone actually DOES that, some trog will crawl their way up out of the floorboards to make fun of it, compare it to something, or just generally shit on it lol 

Homebrewers, keep homebrewing anything you want. Change races, change rules, change whatever.

Dragonborns with tails is just the CORRECT WAY to do dragonborn idc what anyone says

Wait. They’re not SUPPOSED to have tails? That’s not a thing???

Whose dumb not-idea was that?

I’d imagine it was to differentiate the Dragonborn from Half-Dragons, Draconians and Lizardfolk and the rest of the scaly humanoids

Predator-dreadlocks, 4 digits on their hands, no tail and…. apparently mammary glands (a hill wotc decided to die on when outrage happened when a artist depicted a Dragonborn with tits)

My favourite thing about the whole Dragonborn Boobies debacle is that it implies that D&D dragons are mammals – yet we know from other sources that D&D dragons also lay eggs. Taken together, this leads us to a single inescapable conclusion:

Behold, a dragon!

Now, this is my kind of discourse.

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