Snarksonomy’s Holiday Commission Slots – 2018!

Hi everyone and happy holidays! I’m opening commissions one last time this year! I’m offering several types of pieces this go around, including headshots, half-body pieces, and something new – Paperdoll bases! 😀

I’m offering $5 off all holiday and/or winter themed pieces! I am taking a limited number of these – so I can guarantee all are finished by 12/25! I’ll happy draw those tacky sweaters and candy-cane-inspired stockings! ;D

I also have a limited number of slots open for full-body commissions as well this go around.

>> More examples of my work can be seen here!


Standard Commissions!

  • Standard headshots – Flat color w/ a few additional details
  • Detailed headshots – Added
    rendered detail & shading, including shading, hair, accessories, etc. 
  • Halfbody &full-body pieces – Flat & Fully-rendered
  • Paperdoll bases – Flat colored character base for the #WarcraftDolls / #FFXIVDolls projects! Characters come w/ undies. Additional outfits start at $10 each!

All of my Terms and Conditions Can be found here! (Please read before emailing me!)

Please send all commission inquiries to

Can’t commission me this go around? Consider donating a ko-fi, or joining me on Patreon! Patrons $2 and up get access to my discord, where I share my sketches, WIPs, and offer critiques / redlines / etc – as well as sneakpeaks at my upcoming webcomic and other projects!

And, as always, likes & reblogs are super appreciated! Thank you all, here’s to a fantastic 2019!!

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