hate is an emotion. discomfort is an emotion. irritation is an emotion.  to indulge is to give into a desire (desire is an emotion). assholes by definition are being emotional – they’re being mean.  

and pride is an emotion.

you’re bad at english.

Resident Death Knight Lore Master here, let me clear some things up.

Death Knights are indeed unhinged, mentally unsound, undead serial murders of all edge to ever be. There emotions do exist, but are solely meant to be purely negative. They are vetted to be such. The statement of the vast majority of DKs being anything but kind makes plenty sense.

As far as relationships go, I’ll put it bluntly, and yes, hypocritically, No. The 3rd Generation, as we’ve dubbed it, are all the brand of undead I listed prior. Not a single one was treated different. We are all just the ultimate soldier made for nothing else but the sake of Arthas’ goals of the extinction of all life. Now, with that said, yes, once he got bitched out by Tirion, again, he lost all his hold over the DKs. And this is where the points of contention rise. Let me break that down for you.

Peggy and Thassarian + Koltira are examples of Death Knights having non-negative emotions for a moment. But I have to tell you this here and now:

They don’t count like you think they do!!!

These 3 NPCs have something that most others don’t: bonds to their previous lives. Comdrodery can be a thing. Making the best of the worst is a fine and dandy thing. It’s something clearly. Is it a bond that can lead to romance and happiness? No. Never. Is it just two soldiers who’ve been fighting with each other for ages and have had each other’s back to the point it’s second nature and comforting in their dreaded state? Maybe. Who knows? With their lines of dialogue for not only each other showing they have some king of bond, but for the Deathlord, where Thas shows some level of respect, and Koltair flat out hates us, we can never truly know how they actually are deep down, save the comics and books. Chronicles Vol. 4 should shed some light on this, but for shame they only care about lore and not helping people understand their class for RP, as much.

Now, for Peggy, it’s the point that’s thrown out there nonstop whenever people use her as an example. She’s a grandmother loving her grandchildren. Guess what? They all do that. And for DKs, it’s not that different. Know why? Because they remember them. She’s not getting giddy and bubbly, pinching cheeks and making cookies for them. She’s remembering that they were her family, and that she loved them before she died and was brought back. Without the constant grip of the Helm of Domination revoking our sense of mortality; the ability to decipher what’s right and wrong, the endless murder of people who could’ve well been out own family a hell of a lot easier when he just wanna kill kill kill. Remove that? Get free will back? Have nothing stopping you from remembering all your once were? Remembering the love you had for your family? It’s no stretch that you’d wanna relive those better days of sunshine and rainbows when you weren’t a disgusting, unholy abomination of war and strife and death and fury.

So, in conclusion, let’s just make this simple and pointed: Death Knights can feel very dull emotions of positive variations. They can make allies and work with them, and maybe even wanna see them not die, since they’re not calling them heretics for existing. They can remember all they once were and all the emotions they felt can be reminisced upon. They are like the high you’ll never feel again.

Now, with all this being said, you’re $15/mo. Love it. Hate it. RP is RP. I can sit behind my screen and cringe at people as cringey as I am, they can do the same, and we can both live on knowing we both fucking suck. That’s life. Everyone hates something. Everyone has opinions. Logic gets thrown out the window for fun, around here. Can’t stop someone from playing their shitty edgelord how they want. If we could, we might as well make an IC Infinity Gauntlet and snap away half of all RP.

“All NPC versions of death knights that exhibit versions of don’t count.”