After taking some time to figure out pricing and getting over nervousness, I’m finally opening up some commissions! These are the only options at the moment, due to work and class keeping me from making larger art pieces, but I may add waist-up and full body options later once I have my degree! 

Pricing may go up a tad depending on the complexity of the design, examples being fantasy races I don’t have much experience drawing (like Tauren or Worgen), or detailed armor. If you’re unsure where your character falls on this complexity scale, feel free to hit me up to get an estimate! You can contact me here or through discord if you know me on there already.

I am slightly busy with work and schooling at the moment, so expect some potential delays, but I’m opening 4 slots for now! If you want a slot, just hit me up and send some references my way. I’ll need an email so I can send you a paypal invoice!