I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Nazi ones, which is great, but I felt like we needed one to show our support for the Jewish community.  

all you goyim I follow – I see you reblogging this and it warms me.

do not reblog this unless you mean it. I have dealt with so much anti-semitism in my life and the number of times I get it from “open-minded liberals” is disturbing. Remember this summer when the Dyke Marches banned people for having a rainbow flag with a Star of David on it? I was accused of playing my “Jew card” too much when I tried to get my shitty goy roommate to stop making Auschwitz jokes. 

Being anti-nazi does not equal support for the Jewish community. Do not claim you support Jews just because you recognize that Nazis are terrible. Surprise, we actually have more to us than the Holocaust!

If you DO support the Jewish community, reblog the crap out of this so people can feel safe!