Since I’ve hit a whole 200 followers (now approaching 250!), I’ve decided to do a giveaway to show you guys some support back and maybe even get closer with some of you 🙂 Thank you all so much for showing me support for my blog and especially my art! It makes my heart absolutely melt when people leave cute tags on my art reblogs or message me with positive comments about my art!! <3 You guys are a fantastic community, and have interesting, wonderful characters and character blogs.

Eres thanks you for all the attention he gets


1. You may reblog this twice. Please don’t spam lmao

2. You must be following me! New followers are welcome. 😀

3. The deadline will be Halloween (31st). I’ll be entering all usernames in a random generator and picking 3! Drawings hopefully should be done by that following weekend. If not, soon after throughout that week. 🙂

4. No spam blogs, I’ll be checking if you spam reblogs!

5. If I am uncomfortable with drawing something/a character, I will try to compromise with you or ask for a different suggestion. If not, I will pick another name. *Hopefully this doesn’t happen, but you never know!

5. If you do not respond within 24 hours, I will repick a name. 

*Please try to get back to me with your character’s name, personality, any reference pics/face claims/art you have of them within 24 hours so I may get a feel for them and draw them correctly! If I hear nothing from you, I may pick another name.

6. Be creative and have fun! Don’t be shy to talk to me regardless!! B)

– Winners will receive art done by me of their World of Warcraft characters! <3 I will be posting the art and tagging you in the description, as well as any IC blogs you may have for them with your permission! I’l also include any additional info about the character if you’d like in the art caption. <3

1st place: Front facing portrait of their character (includes shading, *minimal color) (like below)

2nd place:

2 characters (line-art, minimal shading) OR a shaded/colored drawing (like below)

3rd place: Lineart portrait sketch of their character (like below)

Thank you all so much again! Please remember to stay courteous and kind to others, and have fun! ^.^