So I’m going to make this story as short as possible.

I arrived home Friday evening, expecting to have a fun night of playing my new cowboy game. I was met with a paper taped to my door.

Expecting it to be my inspection notice, I opened it to read over what date it would be to find that it was a 60 day vacate notice.

To answer a few questions:

No, I have not been late on rent nor have I been notified of any issues.

Yes, it is legal to be served this with no reason on a month-to-month agreement.

Yes, I called the property management, but they close early on Fridays and won’t be open until Monday. (Update: I still have not heard from them as of 10/29 1:13 pm)

It’s… not an eviction in the sense that it will hurt my rental record or credit score, but they still want me out.

I feel as though I have to be prepared for the worst and assume that this is in stone. It means I need to find a place to live by Christmas or be out.

I have pets which makes it difficult to find a place, not to mention that the market is expensive, let alone sparse due to many rentals being taken up by those displaced in the fires (Carr Fire). I don’t have the money for deposits or first month’s rent.

I don’t have any local friends to live with so if I do go to live with friends (which has been offered) it’s also going to be out of state, which of course costs.

I’m going to open a fundraiser to help me move, whether it’s in town or out of town. I would like to raise about $3000.

This will help if I want to move in town or just out of state and will cover deposits (rental, pet, and utilities), moving costs, first rent, cleaning costs, and if I do go out of state, will help me cover bills while I look for work.

I can also do commissions and sketches and still have merch in my store. I might do something with stickers or other rewards soon, I’m just trying to figure things out at the moment. 

I don’t like doing this… I wasn’t at all prepared. I appreciate any and all help. 

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