Aukus is tiefling paladin with an oath of vengeance from the town of Ebvy in a forested hilly area. He lived an normal childhood until his town was attacked and his mother was brutally killed. He had to leave his town to escape the memories and he joined a local army. He is very charismatic and a very hard worker but not very intelligent. These traits led him to advance to the rank of captain very quickly but his inexperience and lack of tactical abilities led his regiment to disaster. He left camp with a small scouting party to confront his enemies but somehow word got out that he left and his enemies slaughtered his regiment from afar with a few enemies coming into the camp to kill and enslave anyone left. The devastation he felt on returning was too great for him to handle especially considering the attack on his town as a child and he ran away to become a wanderer. A few years later he became a mercenary for the dwarvish mining company because of his lack of skills and need for money and purpose.