Full Summary of my situation is on my GoFundMe

     TL;DR: My family and I are stuck. We’ve been fucked up since we got illegally evicted in late Summer 2017, when our moving van got stolen in the middle of the night and stripped us of nearly every single thing we had ever known (clothes, certificates, photos, art, tools, computers, etc.), since my dad got laid off that same year, since the cousins we moved in with fucked us over financially and cut ties from us. Personal things escalated and my dad became negligent, destructive, violent, refused to get up and find a job to support us, and started drinking – all of which led to his arrest on 9/6/18 (yes THAT recent). We don’t know when he’s getting out. Either he’s getting out on 9/13 or he’s going to be there for another 45 days, we don’t know.

     However, we weren’t ready for that kind of change. We need money. We desperately need it. Bills need to be paid, we’re in debt, we need food, clothes, supplies, dog food, water, money to call dad in jail – we don’t have anything, we don’t have the skills or means to support ourselves by ourselves, we don’t have jobs, we can’t drive, we don’t know how to pay these things. These are all the things my dad knows how to do, and never passed these on to me, so we’re in a bit of a situation as a result. I’ve been paying for things out of my pocket of stuff I’ve earned on my own, using up the money I was saving for a new drawing tablet to support us. 

     What I need is help. Financially. I need a job, I need a license, I need help. I’ve been scared to ask for help, and am still wary about even making this post and that GoFundMe to ask for help because I don’t like talking about personal stuff, but this is just. Something I can’t do alone. I don’t like having to do this, but I have to, I have no other choice.

Here are ways you guys can help. If you guys can spread these and share these, that’d be very appreciated.

Ko-Fi – You can drop a small donation here, it’ll go straight to my PayPal

PayPal –

GoFundMe  This has the full summary of what’s happened plus a couple of updates, and my goal on there. GoFundMe is very helpful thus far, though the donations take a little bit too long to get into my bank, but this is the best to share.

$15 Sketch Commissions – My regular commissions are currently closed. I have a large workload already from several months ago I haven’t yet finished, and I don’t want to take such big tasks again just yet, but if you do want something in return, I can offer sketches if you drop $15 and shoot an email. They’ll be of this kind of quality below. I accept payments through PayPal only

Thank you to everyone who has already shared my story and donated before. I just need a boost to get out there and try not to be stuck poor for the rest of my life. I don’t wanna sink under, I don’t want to lose this house, I don’t want to lose sight of a future.