This was the pic I was working on in an art stream when the news was dropped that Wildstar was coming to an end. I think that means I need to work extra hard on it to make it the best it can be.

I had never heard of Wildstar until it went free to play and my Tumblr feed became saturated with it. Curious, I looked up the races you could play; and when I saw I could be a pink kitty dude I said “Fuck yeah, sign me the hell up.”


Wildstar has been the most fulfilling, the most creative and the most fun community I have ever had the pleasure of participating in online. Zero by far is the most fleshed out and developed character I have ever created, and I was instantly drawn in and immersed in his world from day one. Hands down, Wildstar’s housing system is the most amazing thing I have witnessed in a game, and I think I’m the most sad that we will be losing so many wonderful creations.

Who would have thought an online game would have had such a powerful impact on me? It drove me draw every day, to open up O.C. commissions, to develop my writing skills, and I met so many amazing people; one of whom I consider to be my very best friend. I honestly feel I’m a better person now for the time I spent with you all in that game. Thank you everyone who’s interacted with the Pinkflea, or even just commissioned me to draw your fantastic characters, it’s been such a crazy and fun ride.

Zero isn’t going anywhere. I think it’s plain to see I’m very attached to him; he’s become a sort of mascot for me.


He will live on in my art, and in text rp on Discord or wherever. He’s a character I think that will pop up in other games, exploring new universes with me, and I’m excited for all our future adventures together.