I can’t believe “he’s too soft” is being used as an excuse to not let Anduin Wrynn be lgbt

Hold up, is this an actual thing that has been said because holy shit.

This is her subtle way of saying “Stop wanting lgbt Anduin because he’s nice and thats a stereotype.” Even though his personality has very little to do with it and it’s not a recent thing, either?

She actually thinks we want him to be lgbt just because he’s nice, not because they literally have 0 lgbt characters in lore and Anduin is someone who may be able to make up for that. And he has an interesting relationship established with Wrathion since Pandaria which could easily be made into a romantic story with a small amount of effort. Before it was “I didnt see their relationship as gay so neither should anyone else” and now its “im the good guy you’re all stereotyping him.” She needs to not do what she is doing.