How CNN manipulates its audience/narrative by cropping images.

Bitch the government is literally putting kids in cages nobody gives two dicks if these prisons put Ferdinand on in the background to disguise the fact that these children are going through hell.

those kids could be in a fucking mansion and it would still be horrible because they’ve been stolen from their fucking parents you jackass if someone lures your kid into a van with candy it doesn’t fucking matter if it’s really good candy or a very well-maintained van it’s still kidnapping

“it isn’t as bad as it feasibly could be” or “they’re not locked in a torture dungeon on a skull-shaped volcano island” shouldn’t be your standard here

I mean yeah these kids are suffering emotionally but it’s at the hands of their parents and the choices they made…which is why we need to stop pushing the idea that the kids are being punished. We are punishing their parents for breaking the law…and the kids are collateral. They have to be. But in the mean time, we try to make it as pleasant as possible for them.

and the kids are collateral. They have to be

Do you people ever actually listen to the words that come out of your mouths? Because I mean you just called kids ‘collateral.’