Bust commissions open!!

We’ve hit a bit of a financial snag recently and I’d like to take a few commissions on to help out ;v;/ any help would be appreciated!!! I still have a few to work on from the last batch so these will be worked on after that!!


  • – Paypal only, paid via paypal invoice or link. They must be paid promptly!
  • – Payment is to be in USD
  • As of now I’m only taking single characters! No couples!
  • – I’m willing to do whatever you want, so long as you provide a good visual reference. Fanart, OC, or Furry
  • – Nudity is A-OK, though I wont do smut
  • – I only do very simple backgrounds, however I’m willing to negotiate more detail for a higher price
  • – I will send wip shots to you, just to make sure you are getting what you wanted and will make appropriate adjustments – however, if after the picture is done and you decide that it isn’t what you wanted, then no refunds.
  • – Please be aware that for more detailed pictures, more time will be put into them. Please be patient with me.


If you’re interested or have any questions, you’re welcome to message me, and to commission me, email me at with the subject title of ‘commission’~!

You can also send this form for easier organisation!

Commission type: (bust style A or B)

Reference: (Stash link,, imgur ect)

Personality: (brief description)

Expression/pose: (optional, I can wing it if you’d like)


I’d love if you could signal boost this please ;v;/