Waise your eyes to the  skies and obserwve! Todway our world’s destwction has been awerted in defiwance  of our wery makwers!

Awgawon de Obserwer, hewald of the titans, has been defweated by our bwave comwades in da depths of the  titan city of Uwuduar.

Awgawon was sent hewe to judge da fate of owr wworld. He fownd a pwanet whose races had dewiated fwom the titans bweprints. A pwanet where not evwething had gone according to pwan.

Cold wogic had deemed our world not worth saying.

Cold wogic, however, does not account for the power of free will. It is up to each of use to pwove this is a world worth swaving.

That our wives… our wives are worth wiving.

Rhonin: M-mr garrowsh pwease don’t dwop a mana bwomb on Thewamow I’ll do anything fow you mr garrowsh pwease hewp