Since I restarted my entire roster (OG guys are still there, but story wise I feel like I’m at a good spot and they’re p much retired, but that’s story for another day), I wanted to have a new hordie, and I made a Belf DK who is a spiritual descendant of my….very very first WoW character from 2008, who was a bit of a self insert lol Sylvith Fairmoon, a hunter in life, fell in battle in Northrend and obligatorily got raised as a death knight. Very eager and happy to help girl, perhaps a bit naive on occasion, Sylvith is having a hard time adjusting to the ‘stoic heartless death knight’ image she’s supposed to be, but she will get there with help of very patient fellow DK Grull (who belongs to a friend) and smol val’kyr in training, Tyerr, and it turned out to be harder than both anticipated.

Anyways, he’s bunch of warm up doodles I forgot to post this morning so here they are at 1am instead lol

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