🌺Hello, I’m Esca and I really like drawing elves!! You got elf? I draw elf.
– I’m open for commissions to be able to support my bf and I! ♥

I will only draw OC’s, slots are limited to one (1) character and they are limited to elves, humans, gnomes and dwarves.

– Scars, freckles, tattoos, etc won’t be added before the end
– Yes the eyes are still black because they are a part of the lineart layer and I color that in the end.


  • Excessive details and/or armor (this includes cloth and leather armor)
  • Santa beards

– Here’s my art tag

🌺🌺 Email: 🌺🌺
– Please don’t just send the money, I use a different PayPal email.
– I take payments upfront. (I will send you an invoice)

Please include this in the email:

🌺- Your name and online handle (twitter, tumblr, etc)
🌺- Your PayPal email
🌺- Headshot or bust
🌺- Describe your character’s personality and describe what you want.
🌺- Feel free to send me a pose reference!