Sketch portrait of my main character Blood Elf Death Knight Lethargia.

I’ve always wanted to draw some of my char’s reaction to Teldrassil but I haven’t time. So It’s better late than never — here my attempt to.

Honestly, I’ve tried so hard to catch up her emotions and wildfire atmosphere as well (in a simple sketch) so the image goes kinda wrong way then I supposed.

So I made a little alternate version, more simple.

By my poor headcanon, Letha didn’t participate in the Darkshore Campaign. Once she knows about the new coming war she is retired from Ebonblade being so fucking tired of wars, especially so meaningless like this. Then she was told what happened and she goes to see that with her own eyes… She was shocked. As an Elf herself (former high elf, now dead elf but still) she didn’t really understand why this was done. 

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