Is that…, josh peck…

If I don’t see this somewhere on my tl every Friday, I’m gonna be very upset

oh… she can sing

Why didn’t she release this version originally??

because she was 13 and had no control over it and now shes in her 20s lol

So when she was child, she was taken advantage of by her stage parents and a record label that seems very predatory (I believe it’s called lunchbox records or something) that promised said stage parents they would make her child into a star.

Remember that guy who did the rap part who was way older and seemed really out of place? Yeah, he’s the owner of that record label. He is also in ALL of the music videos they produce, and the singers are all young girls.

Rebecca was humiliated and bullied after the release of “Friday” and while we were all making fun of it in our private lives, she had to be homeschooled for the rest of her education.

Was the video terrible? Yes, but I feel bad for making fun of a girl who was really just a victim. I really hope that she has a good life and perhaps even a good career.