You know what would have been 1000x more interesting?

If Greymane lied about Stormheim. The people under his command in Stormheim clearly wanted that fight, so they tow the line he puts down.

Greymane lies about Stormheim and keeps talking into Anduin’s ear about how dangerous Sylvanas is and how she put the entire world at risk in Stormheim by picking a fight with the Alliance in the middle of the Legion invasion.

He eventually convinces Anduin to move on Lordaeron because of this constant manipulative BS for Greymane’s personal vendetta, leading to the Siege of Lordaeron cinematic and eventually the burning of Teldrassil as a retaliatory strike over the slaughter at Undercity.

It would fix a few major issues, not least of which that the Alliance would be the aggressors for a fucking change. (As the driving force in an expansion)

And Teldrassil would be motivated far more in Sylvanas’s POV as vengeance for Horde lives lost at Undercity rather than egregiously short-sighted spite RE the way its portrayed IN GAME (stop putting important context in your stupid fucking novels Blizzard)

I also think it would put more weight behind Sylvanas growing into her role as Warchief and fighting for them as a whole rather than just herself or the forsaken or whatever the fuck

But the Alliance can never be portrayed as the bad guys so lkasjdglkajshdg

Now this would be a storyline I could get behind and what I had hoped the writers were doing…