So I did this piece a while ago and I always wanted to do it again but “different” just because on how much I still like it, here some little RP/Story event that go with it: 

With the Legion gone and the power of artifact lost to heal the wound in Silithus the Warswords were not needed to their chosen hero anymore. Drust was never the original owner (I just like to draw them). The wielder was a very brave Alliance soldier named


that befriended him during the campaign on the Broken Isle. At the closing end of Argus/Antorus they both decided to part way, but before that she gave him one of the blade as a last gift so they both never forget their battles against the Legion together. The sword is now dull with no remaining supernatural power but it doesn’t stop Drust to use it as his main hand, as long it still cut it work fine. 

(the off hand is based on the BRF 2handed but I just like to think its a new acquisition he got from learning more blacksmithing skill with the trolls of Zandalar)

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