Brothers and Sisters,

Our hearts are filled with a great sorrow. The Goddess weeps at the senseless loss of life, Azeroth herself burns and aches with the loss our world tree. Our hearts are laid bare.

Now more than ever, we need the Light of the Goddess to guide us through this darkness. The Night Warrior’s vengeance will come, her wrath swift and unforgiving… But first we must find our way. First we must grieve.

Join me at Olivia’s Pond on the 12th night. Bring your keepsakes, your paper lanterns and candles. Let us send our despair into the sky, let us honor those we have lost… Let us prepare for what is to come.

Tor ilisar’thera’nal, Brothers and Sisters.


We’ve all gone through some strife and trauma with today’s events. This month’s Grace of Elune will be a combination event, half sermon, half memorial. Rora will have less to say, and will open the event for attendees to speak on ones they have lost. Bring keepsakes of those your characters loved and lost, bring candles and lanterns. Let us grieve for the senseless violence.

When: August 12th, 6pm Server time.

Where: Olivia’s Pond, Stormwind City (pictures below)

What: A brief memorial to those we have lost, a sending to put those tormented souls to rest. 

Why: To remember those we leave behind, to reinforce our faith and prepare for the dark days ahead.

Who: Led by Roraelis, everyone is allowed to attend, no invite needed! DKs, DHs, and warlocks allowed!

Please note though- while this is not as sermon heavy as the prior events, be kind and courteous when others are speaking.Try to keep emotes and /say to a minimum so that the event text does not get lost in chat spam, and everyone can read what is being said. 🙂

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to hit me up-game on Roraelis or here on tumblr! I also have a calendar event for it in-game so if youd like to be added get in touch with me!


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