A friend told me about their friend’s character being reported for a rename. They renamed their character with the same name (as you do, since it’s usually someone reporting you for petty bullshit) and they were reported again, so they were banned.

Sucks, yeah, but apparently Blizz doesn’t really understand the problem here.

They don’t understand RP addons

What fucking RP realm do you play on where most people don’t RP with any RP addons?

Hey look at all these Moon Guard RPers who don’t use any RP addons whatsoever, especially not TRP.

It’s certainly not around 700+ players, definitely not, no way. 

Hey GM maybe non-RP names on your RP realm are such a problem for you because you don’t use any RP addons for custom names because WoW has an antiquated naming system and has no character profile system

So they don’t understand the problem of having a name for your toon that doesn’t match your RP character because they don’t use RP addons, so therefore they don’t get why picking a unique name is such a problem, so apparently it’s fine for there to be one and only one man named John in Azeroth. 

And when you try to explain that you just use a common-use RP addon to have a proper RP name for other RPers to see, you get banned. Yeah, you could put effort into making up some stupid elf name that you don’t even like, but that just takes that name away from someone who might have actually wanted it


So few people don’t use rp addons idk what server this GM is from lol. Also who actually cares about that? A guildmaster of the korkron for years had the name skullcrusha and I bet that doesn’t fit lol. What a bizarre and aggressive post from a blue.

Hi im Skullcrusha and I can assure you everyone hated the name. 

The first person that came to mind was @addressroleplays and I will fight any GM who gives her problems

This is something I have had actual arguments over before with GMs. Address is Address’ nickname. It’s got an entire story behind it. It is what I use ICly and I will go down swinging for our right to use dumb “non rp names”

ESPECIALLY GIVEN THAT GETTING ORIGINAL REGULAR ASS NAMES IS HARD. (Hey guys. Special characters are included in the ‘nnot allowed’ section too which makes it even harder)

Im more than willing to spearhead a forum push to end this dumb rule. Especially since Blizzard is planning to moderate rp addons now.

Are GMs really so fucking out of touch with their players ohhhh myyy godddd

Honestly my rule is “If they don’t have an RP addon they’re probably not an RPer”