Emergency Commissions.

I never wanted to have to open up commissions like these while I still had a queue. Most of you saw my post earlier about a sale.

I can’t wait. My PC broke down today in rhe middle of things and it will not start up.

I’m offering something special. I need a decent PC to continue what I’m doing. All of my WIPs will be lost, and I’ll have to work with the WIPs that I already sent out for those already on my queue.

Now that special thing I’m offering: Two character-full color, thigh up images. There is no armor charge, and you get a paintover background like my most recent commissions. These will be going for 100$. These will be on my queue, but I will not take any off days until they’re all done.

I need help, I hate asking, I really do. Please consider buying an emergency commission, donating to my Ko-fi (also ZealousLynx) or even reblogging this post so that someone can help. I want to get back to work, and I am absolutely devistated.

Thank you for reading, I’m sorry I have no links. If you can’t afford an emergency commission, I will sell my regular commissions as well, but the emergency orders will also get a free colored bust alongside each order.