[Scene: a nervous-looking older man meets with a millennial in a darkened alley.]

Millennial: what’s the target?

Man: I don’t know if I want to do this.

Millennial: people don’t come to us until they’ve made up their minds.

Man: Alright. Styrofoam cups.

Millennial: Six months and they’re gone.

Man: Can millennials really kill styrofoam cups?

Millennial: we can kill anything, but not cheaply.

Man: I can pay. I work for a plasti-

Millennial: I don’t need to know and frankly I don’t care. One of us will deliver a routing number to a Zurich account. Two billion euros, then we start.

Man: Al..alright.

Millennial: It will be your last chance to reconsider. Once the money is processed you’ll have no contact with us again.

Man: I understand. It has to be done.

Millennial: Then it’s sealed. The cups will join chain restaurants and diamonds in the void.

Man: Thank..thank you.

Millennial: We don’t require thanks. Participation is its own trophy.

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