Okay so like, I really didn’t want to do this because I have a pretty big queue (as seen here), but my fiancee convinced me to get travel insurance for my stay in Canada. I originally only got enough to cover the journey there because I just didn’t really have the money to get something to cover the entire five months there, but she kind of scared me into it lmao (with ‘what if you get into an accident’ and stuff like that;;;)

So good news is I can get insurance to cover five months with medicare for 62h. I have part of that money but… kind of need some more lol

I aim to finish all my current commissions before I leave on the 20th, providing my hand holds up from the workload, and any commissions I get from this I will complete once I’m in Canada!

So if you’re willing to lend a hand and wait a while for them to be done, please consider commissioning me ;v; I’m offering two things for this!

My $10 headshots that look like this –

And the new kind of chibi I’m offering like this, for $20-

Please, if you’re willing to wait from  a couple of weeks to a month to get them, please consider commissioning me ;v; Send me an IM or email me at

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