@in-fluxx I don’t RP in-game so my opinion doesn’t matter much, HOWEVER, given the way dragons openly interact with other races and invite themselves to big important events in canon, and given how dragons are technically a lot weaker now than they were pre-Cata, I don’t see much reason for dragons to hide everything about themselves in humanoid form at this point (unless it’s to protect themselves of course, like Ebonhorn).

In general, I don’t think dragons hide themselves to protect the sensibilities of the other races, I don’t think they hide for “mysterious magic creature!” reasons either cuz they’re kinda not those things anymore. We all know what happened at the Maelstrom, we all know their powers have changed in the last few expansions, we have actual dragons/drakonids openly chillin in Stormwind and Orgrimmar by the Cata portals, LIKE.. not much about them is a secret anymore.

If they’re in humanoid form I read it as more of a courtesy than a real disguise lol.  

Most adventurers wouldn’t be shocked to find a dragon hanging around, and most of them probably wouldn’t feel too threatened either. 

So that’s why I’m always kinda like “why?” whenever RPers get mad about dragon characters not hiding themselves or having fun openly.  I don’t see dragons as all-powerful or OP or mysterious, I just see them as another cool option like naga or arakkoa or X npc race everyone wants to play but can’t.

TLDR Welcome to WoW Lore where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter!  Dragon RPers should RP however they want.  If I RPed my red dragon girl in-game I wouldn’t put much effort into hiding her.

Tevrugos 100% stopped caring who knew he was a dragon after all of that dragon nonsense during the end of the Cataclysm. Nowadays he assumes mortal form mostly for convenience:

Its a lot easier to move around indoors, or just in a city, when you’re the approximate of the rest of the inhabitants.

On the other hand, since he doesn’t care, he doesn’t actually bother to tell
anyone he’s a dragon so the realization happens when he shows up one day with horns.