These were all part of a larger doodle page but they looked nicer as standalones.
My shifty undead priest Sancti and his yes man enabler night elf druid boyfriend Garan

Garan fronts as one of Sancti’s “experiments”, though no one is entirely sure what he’s doing with an enormous night elf walking around Orgrimmar. Sancti’s got all sorts of his own ulterior motives, and is generally a very shady man.

Garan loved him so much that he turned traitor against the Alliance to stay with Sancti after he died. He does Sancti’s bidding without question or hesitation, and the two would (and in Sancti’s case, already has) die for one another. This unshakable bond has become crucial to their survival during recent events, and they place their own lives over factional loyalties. Sancti is a power hungry little shit and it’s probably gonna bite him in the ass one day.

Brought back some of my oldest wow ocs, because I missed them.

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