There are tales of a ghostly prince, who roams the halls of his castle, wailing in anguish at the loss of both his kingdom and his people.

An ghost Anduin AU I was playing around with. ((I”MmA GONNA DRAW A BETTER PIC OF THIS TOMORROW))

Stormwind is overrun with demons, killing nearly everyone including Anduin, who stood against the hoard of demons to let the few remaining humans left alive to flee. 

The pain of his death, his father, and his people turned Anudin into a very powerful and resentful ghost.

The Legion makes Stormwind their main base on Azeroth, but oddly enough they cannot enter the castle, as Anduin’s sheer fury repels them from entering. Hundreds of years go by until the Legion is finally defeated.

However this victory is mostly achieved by the the Lich king (Bolvar) and his undead, with the Death Knight, Varian Wrynn. Neither are prepared for the sight that awaits them deep within the hollow castle…

TBC…in the next pic.