hello I am Isei and sometimes I try my hand at comics

here’s a bit of a snippet that I had with a discord friend talking OOC about our characters that turned into a bit of an RP scene of how would Deyaenus explain his Old God manifestations and how in the heck does he manage to keep what would be a chaotic, destructive entity …well, not? 

I also feel this is not something common with Shadow/Void magics and that every shadow priest, or void elf, or Old God worshiper may have different experiences and expertise in handling these destructive magics. It is after all an all consuming force that barely can cling to reality, so to each their own in a way that just works. Dey’s just happened to have been feeding on sad, depressive thoughts throughout YEARS in small amounts and used these also as ‘anchors’ to pull itself into a physical form using Dey as a sort of symbiotic vessel. When Dey’s Light cycle was fading it allowed these gnarled manifestations to grow stronger, but still depend on the priest’s delicious, depressive thoughts to ‘feed’ on and as its physical anchor. So, I guess it’s less symbiotic and more parasitic, but in a good way not really?

of course Deyaenus hears its terrible whispers, somber and pessimistic, but he confuses them as his OWN and by know he’s been living with depressive thoughts for so long he is just… good at ignoring them.