Dust off your surfboards and beachwear, it’s time for the 2018 Stranglethorn Bonfire Bash!

We’re thrilled to bring you this joyous summer celebration for our third year running, and this time we’re making it a two day event for even more fun! Join the cordial half-elf Poeful Pearcider and Obasi the troll surfer for a weekend fit to burst with entertainment!

Day 1: Friday, July 20th 4:00 PM server

Come dressed beach-ready for our costume competition (theme and guidelines TBA) and partake in a menu cultivated our server’s very own top troll chef, Baekon! || Enjoy the soaking pools transformed into luxurious hot springs by our helpful team of shamans || Dare to dive from great heights at our scenic cliffside location || Gather your teams (and your guts) for this year’s Bassball cup, an RP-PvP blast for all levels of skill with fantastic prizes

Day 2: Saturday, July 21st 4:00 PM server

Try your hand (or, rather, feet) at he’ethraze, the troll surfing tradition (now led by the stunning Zun’Alin!) || Take a plunge and win some gold in our newest game: treasure diving || Cozy up at the bonfire and weave tales both tall and small || Drink, dance, and live your sweet summer fantasy!

Stay tuned for updates, and please refer to the new code of conduct. Share your art and writing with the #stvbb tag! Exact locations for each day below the cut. We look forward to seeing you there this year!!

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