Rping with ADHD

  • You either hyperfocus on a thread or ignore it. There is no in between
  • “…What was I typing again?”
  • Five tabs of drafts open. Half a sentence in each.
  • “I don’t need to draft that. I’ll remember it.” (Spoiler alert, you won’t. )
  • “Oh look an ask/im! Let’s just open that and leave and get distracted and forget to ever answer it”
  • “…No seriously, what was I typing again?”
  • Aggressively spamming partner in excitement in caps and scaring them away
  • *writes a word* Time for youtube.
  • Begs for starter. Never answers it.
  • “Like this post for a starter!!” Never writes starters.
  • It’s suddenly 5:am because you spent all night hyperfixating on one thread
  • “It’s not that I don’t like our thread, it’s just not my hyperfixation so I can’t focus on it.”
  • *can’t sleep because you can’t stop thinking of said hyperfixated thread*
  • *writing lines for said thread in your head when you should be sleeping*
  • *sweats nervously while staring at 467546 unanswered ims/asks*
  • *melt down because you can’t just answer drafts like a functional rper*
  • “Hey let’s rp! …I don’t know what but let’s rp!”
  • “Friend: So did you make the starter yet?” “…What starter?”
  • “What’s a queue?”
  • “I was about to tell you an idea but I spaced out”
  • “Can’t write, gotta wander the house”
  • *chewing things while writing*

Feel free to add your own!

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