Updating my commissions page to be more clear as to what I offer and how much everything is! If you’re looking to commission me, you can contact me via:
Tumblr Askbox, Tumblr DMs, and Twitter DMs!

All payments are done via PayPal, prices are negotiable (to a degree), payments are taken up front for anything under 80 dollars!

Before contacting me, here’s absolutely my will not draw list
-Extremely explicit NSFW/fetish art (nudity is fine/I make exceptions for my own OTPs tho cuz I’m trash)
-Offensive material aimed at targeting an individual or group

This is my “I’ll warn you about being bad at drawing this but will still take the comm if you really want me to draw it” list:
-Rodent and K9 Furries (Bunnies are fine though)
-Super complex mecha
-Anything resembling Disney’s style