This is the first time Damian encounters Tim’s dragon form, which is shock considering he had no idea about either.

Tim some spent time with Kon and away from the rest of the bat family as he tried to learn how to control his transformations. He didn’t want them to know, considering it’s well known that Bruce doesn’t like Metas working in Gotham. So it kinda made Tim nervous as hell that Bruce would kick him out or disown him if he found out. ((Which is silly cause as constipated as Bruce is with emotions, he would never abandon or throw away one of his kids))

Anyway Tim finds out that the League of Assassins kidnapped Damian and was last seen in the mountains. Even though Damian and Tim have always butted heads, Tim isn’t going to let the kid get killed and ironically is the first to find him. However Damian has been hiding in a cave for a days and is nearly frozen.

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