what are your thoughts on dragon RP?

I’m down with dragon roleplay.

I’ve roleplayed a bronze, a red, and a black dragonsworn in the past (Never had much interest in blues or greens) and met a good deal of people who do dragon roleplay. In my own experience, it’s like roleplaying anything else — so long as you can make it fit story-wise and have good RP etiquette, no issues here.

Never RPed a dragon, but I have RPed with dragon characters.  Personally, I’m okay with it.  But I will also make fun of them mercilessly.

As with any sort of character, RP what you want.  But also don’t expect anyone to enjoy or accept it.  

I’m pretty sure the majority of players don’t really like to see dragon characters, especially ones who don’t hide it.  And since RP is a social activity, I can’t imagine it would be a lot of fun walking into a situation where people have reasons to dislike your character right out the door.  The same can be said for RPing just about anything that isn’t a playable race, moreso for the innately powerful and rare ones.

I’ve only met one person (that I’m aware of) who did it RIGHT. You wanna do it right, in which case less than half a dozen people who matter to said Dragon’s mission should be aware of their existence at any given time, be my guest- but the bottom line is I shouldn’t know about it unless circumstances demand or trust is incredible.

And that’s just the first part of “right”. Most people can’t RP their playable race correctly, much less something so phenomenal as a dragon.

You should probably tell that to these NPCs that literally stand around in major faction cities telling you who they are:


Or this guy, who sits around in Dalaran being a dragon (and we’ve seen him in both forms in at least two different raids and in both major capital cities):


Not to mention the sheer number of questgivers that are in dragon form you interact with, or are in humanoid form with obvioustly dragon names (-dormu, -straz, -gos, -dormi, -strasza, -gosa, etc)

So yes there are an number of dragons that enlist your help and then reveal their true nature to you but there are also ones that just sorta dispense with the charade and say “hey I’m a dragon and here’s a quest for you.”

In summary: Play dragon OCs the way you want, as long as you’re not being a fuck about it.

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