Updated commission info!

I’ve been working on getting this all shiny and updated over the past week or so.

From now until further notice, I will ONLY be offering this style of art for commissions, due to heavy time restraints.

I haven’t really publicly talked about it, but my living situation is not the best right now, and I need to make a harder effort towards finding a job, which means more stress (on top of how bad it already is), and hardly any time for hard-lined art.

I’ve been wanting to move to this style for a very long time, but lacked the confidence in myself to actually try. It’s a very low stress way to do art for me, I like the way it looks way more. It feels so much more like MY style, since it’s a style I’ve been doing personal art in for years. It’s comfortable, takes way less time, and isn’t nearly as stressful.

But yes, all my harping aside, the prices are as follows:

Headshot: $40

Half body: $50

Full body: $65

Extra characters: +half base price

Really detailed clothing/armor: Extra charge is based on complexity.

My brand new terms of service, please read fully before commissioning me:


Empty commission slots open as of right now:





To nab yours, please fill out a short form here:


I’ve still got slots open! I need food/phone bill so I’ve gotta keep promoting, sorry about the spam! ;o;