Dragon Commissions! (Derp Edition)

I’ll make a better post tomorrow, promise!

Commission promotion! Because now my life is stable I can draw with joy again. Dragons is the theme here, because who doesn’t like dragons? (I can do non-dragons too)

Looking over my past commissions and work, I had to update the pricing and services. Check It!

FOUR CATAGORIES!: Sketch/Lineart/Color/Shade

Each will have their prices depending on full-body, half-body, and headshots!

FULL-BODY: 45$/55$/65$/75$

(To be honest I’m lacking a half body. Gonna make one for the professional edition! PLACEHOLDER GRUMP)

HALF-BODY: 30$/40$/50$/60$

HEADSHOT: 15$/25$/35$/45$

But what if, “Skip the lineart and give me the color n shade!!”

I can do that too!

I can do OC dragons, Flight Rising dragons, Monster Hunter- ECT!

Message me or @lynnora-v on Tumblr if interested, or even e-mail at

(Like I said, I’ll make a better post when I’m home from work. Hope there was some humor here 😀 )

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